The quest for no variance

The current state of the Information Economy has brought about an increase in data and business related information never before seen in history.  Innovation in Information Technology has augmented the process of storing retrieving, manipulating, communication and analyzing data.  Through the process of accessing data, comes the creation of information which ultimately enhances knowledge.  The increase in information and knowledge reduces the uncertainty in business processes and therefore enhances a firm’s efficiency.

Null Sigma Inc. utilizes the power of understanding the business process and utilizes information technology to reduce the variance or “Sigma” in those processes to produce the most effective strategies. 

Information technology is a widely encompassing term however.  Null Sigma focuses on analytical software technology that helps identify reliable relationships within business processes. 

What are variables of a Business Process?

Variables are factors that play a role in explaining a particular process.  A common example includes the strategy on increasing Sales for an organization.  Some variables of note to consider include:

  • Region of Sales

  • Price of Products

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Advertising

  • Seasonal Effects

  • Units Sold or Gross $ Sales

Data Mining Techniques can help determine which of these are important and quantify the extent of their importance in the overall process.  For example Data Mining will identify which explanatory variables are reliable in driving Units Sold or Gross $ Sales.  It will also quantify the relationship between the variable and Units Sold or $ Sales.

The Value Added of  “Null Sigma” (Technology is only a Tool !!)

Don’t be intimidated by Information Technology/Data Mining.  Keep in mind that these are merely tools that enable users and analysts to gain greater insights into their business processes.  The true value added is the ability to identify the requirements of a particular business strategy (fine tune the process) and utilize the appropriate technology to best solve the problem.  In other words,  it’s not just computers and high-Tech equipment but experienced people who can provide the best business solutions.

Personnel at Null Sigma posses both the credentials and corporate experience to enhance the efficiency of organizations in a variety of applications across industry sectors.



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