The consultative process at Null Sigma follows a diagnostic procedure which has proven to be most effective in producing sound business models.  In order to answer your questions, we need to gather important information describing your activities.  You can choose between two types of consultative services:

  • On-Line Consulting

  • On-Site Consulting

On-line consulting involves correspondence with Null Sigma experts who can trouble shoot your problem to determine whether Data Mining provides the right solution to your problem and, if it does, the right data to help construct an effective business model.  The whole process is done by phone and email.

On-site consulting involves a personal visit by Null Sigma experts who will work with you at your location to help build an effective business model.  Details for this process requires initial correspondence with Null Sigma staff.

To begin the process of increasing the productivity of your firm or your functional area please contact us at via phone or email.

Null Sigma solutions will help increase your productivity which leads to increased savings.



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